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Traveling Zen: Finding Peace in the Details 2018

A Traveler’s Guide to the Planning and Execution of Real World Travel. This book starts where the guide books end, with tips and tricks to get you to and from your destination.


The Diary of Francis Kelley

This is the Diary of Francis Kelley. My eleven year journey as a Police Detective in small-town America. From Petty crime to Homicide, I write of the emotional experience from the perspective of a new Police Officer-trainee to that of an experienced Detective and Medicolegal Death Investigator. The naïve individual who started as a Police Dispatcher for $4.60 an hour in 1991 and left in 2002, as the Sergeant of Detectives, were two very different people; forever changed from one-too-many “peeks behind the curtain of humanity” and the emotional cost exacted as a result of each case.


The SunFlowerMuse: The Thoughts and Musings of a Curious Fool

A Year of the Welcome to the world of the SunFlowerMuse.Com. This is where I let my imagination and opinions run free. World Events, Issues on Humanity, Allegories and Poetry; They’re all here! Enjoy!