My first post, My first blog…should be called “I can’t believe we actually made it here” but that is far too long of a name for a blog.  We have traveled around the world over the last 14 years (we being my kindawife Lilly and me/I, whatever), filled boxes with this and that (crap) from each trip and collected slippers from each hotel that would give me the opportunity to “keep” them (they are actually for the Grandkids…really)

Why the blog? To discuss what we have seen (blah blah) and…to provide an outlet for my recent interest (obsession, actually) with the “Points and Miles” way to travel.  Just discussing the topic gives me goosebumps (yes, I know…and on my next visit to the Therapist…ugh).  In all seriousness, if you love to travel, its definitely worth your time and effort to become familiar with Points and Miles opportunities and through this medium, you’ll see why I do love it so.  My intentions are to start at the beginning…but, as such is my way, bounce around from time to time depending on my mood and whimsy.  So, to paraphrase Shreck, Ogres are like onions, they have many layers.  And with that bit of wisdom, we’ll begin…


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