Thursday, February 9, 2017
Blogging is new to me. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram intimidate me. That Redbull drinking 12 year old neighbor with his laptop and mail, probably my mail, scares the $#@@ out of me (unless he is paying my bills).

Point is I need work on Social pages, actually, according to Lilly, I need work on Social everything.

I “built” (which is a generous term, Forrest Gumped is probably more accurate) a Twitter page, @travelgump , a Facebook page, wait for it..Travelgump and an email address Somehow they are supposed to talk to each other and let me know if you have commented or have questions about what I have written here on this blog. Either no one has seen this blog, in which case I’ll change the name to “Dear Diary” (me, being a drama queen), or I have a technical issue, which is most likely the case.

I have my technology staff working technically to fix the technical problem. In the comment section after each blog, are directions on how to leave a comment. I hope this helps but technically speaking, what a pain in the %!!.

Don’t hesitate to visit the other listed sites and do whatever people do on them.

Sincerely, Michael Mc,
Chief Philosopher, Department of Whimsy and Caprice,


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