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2 thoughts on “Want Hilton status?

  1. Can I get a better status with Hilton through this challenge or is it only for status matches? I want Hilton gold but have nothing comparable to match. I think I can do enough stays in 90 days to acquire gold if that’s a possibility.

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    1. Great Question Ben, Its for both. When you call Hilton Honors (800-548-8690) they will usually give you both options. The status match is a great choice if you don’t have the need for Hilton Credit cards (Surpass) or Amex Platinum (which also comes with Gold for as long as you hold the cards). If you are Gold or higher with another Hotel brand ask for the match. The Cheapest (subjective) and best option (my opinion) is to get the IHG Hotel credit card by Chase. $49 a year, waived the first year and Platinum status which Hilton has been matching at Diamond (I love Hilton for this! I almost cried when they matched mine). Plus IHG will give you a free night after you pay the $49.00 (One Year Anniversary). I believe the status match is good until 2019!! No bad choices here, Thanks Ben, Take care, Michael !
      P.S. Hyatt Hotels also matched my IHG Platinum to Hyatt Platinum


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