Cary Grant ?

This has absolutely nothing to do with Travel but I must tell the story anyway.

Two weeks ago, Lilly and I were out to lunch with our 27 year old son, his girlfriend and her family.  We’re in a booth all facing each other, it’s a nice big circle of joy.  We’re talking movies and I mention that the theater is showing a Cary Grant film.  Lilly nods her head and we agree we should go.  Then, from the other side of the table, “Who is Cary Grant”?  Now picture a record player and somebody drags the needle across it (for those of you who are “old” enough to remember what a record player is)  Who said that!!!  Silence…crickets.  Who is Cary Grant!?  Are you @#$%!! kidding me!!!  More silence.  Lilly and I are speechless.  Where’s the bar…

Now fast forward to last Thursday.  I’m at a business, speaking with an Artist and his apprentice.  The Artist, a movie buff, and I are talking about the Classics and I simply couldn’t resist telling him my Cary Grant story from the prior week.  He shakes his head and groans, and then the apprentice pulls out his phone and asks “what movies did SHE play in”?.  We all stood there in silence.   What do you say to that…apparently I’m just old.


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