MCI Kansas City International”?

When it comes to  world travel, I rarely complain about anything.  I take each experience on it’s own and usually relish the quirky.  This applies to Eating, Hotels, Airports whatever.

I arrived at the Kansas City International Airport and am, for lack of a better word, slackjawed.  I realize that KC is a small rural city and that an airport here should match…Seriously!?.    This “international” airport appears to be so poorly designed that when they brought in the security apparatus, most likely after 2001, it was just too much and well, here we are…exhibit A.

I am in Terminal B.  There are very few eateries or shops and it appears that women are not allowed to  use the restroom as each one that we passed was closed.  Picture a long winding large “hallway” that has gates along the way.  Now draw a line down the middle of the hallway running it length, the right side you walk and the left is where security has set up.  The Baggage counter clerks advised us to not enter the security area until you use the restroom (ladies, good luck) and have eaten (also, good luck).

So we enter, I’m sorry sir, we don’t have TSA Precheck  here…Stop it! Seriously? She hands me a blue card and says “hold this” in front of your chest and you can leave your shoes on…I’m easy, so ok…

After security, we entered a smallish very crowded area with lots of people waiting to board the plane (probably to use the restroom), no power plugs anywhere but there were seats.  I hop on the MCI WiFi which kept kicking me off (probably because it didn’t like my writing) and ended up on my Hotspot.

The ONLY plus here was the staff of the Airport, they were all very polite and seemed to apologize a lot no matter what the question was.

It’s time for an update folks, this is embarrassing ( I can say this as a Missouri resident)

As such is my experience at this Airport (MCI).



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