Welcome to Beijing, Now Hurry your A@@ up! Act 1

A leisurely morning in Siem Reap began with 85 degrees, sunshine and a stroll across the walkways of the lillypond filled courtyards at the Sofitel  Hotel.  We were greeted by the staff, with their beautiful praying-hand gestures,  birds, fish and a delightful buffet breakfast.  We wandered to the front of the hotel, casually loaded the bus and then off to the airport we went.

I was warned that China Southern Airlines could be problematic due to being late or cancelling flights.  They were great and gave us no issues, whatsoever.  Goodbye Cambodia.

We landed in Guangzhou and it was right about here that the wheels came off the wagon, we began to realize that we weren’t in Cambodia anymore.  We have two hours to catch our connecting flight and we are in queue with about 5 million +- other people and it’s not looking good.  The officials look annoyed and 1+ hours later, stamp, stamp, stamp…move on.  More Officials, more stamping, another metal detector, more stamping and a golf cart…apparently our Gate was not near and we we’re directed to a very long, very full, golf cart.  I found a spot on the rear facing backwards, my legs wrapped around my suitcase, my hands full of everything else, except the golf cart.  Our Driver Mario Andretti, somehow got that thing up to at least 60 mph through the airport, the man next to me clocked his head on the roof, hard, and seemed somewhat confused for the balance of the trip.  But we made it to the gate with 10 minutes to spare.  So much for leisure.

One of my pet peeves is people who dawdle when the airplane lands, get up, get your @#$!, and get off the plane, Now!  The things I would love to yell from the back of the plane, all of which would get me banned for life….

To the Chinese, this is definitely not an issue.  They will steamroll you to get off the plane.  Old ones, young ones, whatever, they will run you down.  These are my people.

More stamping, then off to get our luggage, all good.  Now it’s time to get a taxi and that’s when things got ugly…

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