Let’s Take The Bus!

We decided to go to the Great Wall.  Easiest way?,  Take a tour.  Lilly set it up and we were ready to go.  It included a Bus, Tour Guide, Lunch and Admission.  This is perfect!, I mean what could possibly go wrong.  After 5 minutes in Beijing traffic, one thing became very clear…

If Hell owned a bus, our guy would be it’s driver.

He’s got a schedule and the World is in his way, Bigtime.  In all my bus travels, this ride ranks tops on the dangerous scary bus scale.  He weaves, has taken tailgating to an epic level and puts this bus in places that a Mini Cooper wouldn’t dare.  All while laying on the horn and jumping from lane to lane.  He’s wearing Prayer Beads.  They appear to be working, because I’m praying, a lot.

There is an accident ahead, scooter vs car.  The scooter driver is injured and trying to get out from underneath her scooter.   Our driver, completely annoyed, HONKS at her then jumps into the lane to our right without even slowing down.  The problem was there were other cars there, more horn and into the lane we went.  The rest of the day, I just kept my head down and didn’t watch.   It didn’t get any better.

So what is the point of this article?  You can’t tell on him, no one would listen and he probably has a great record. For all I know, in Beijing he might be the “norm”.  If you travel in Beijing, just know that bus drivers are, well… aggressive!  That’s me being nice, this guy is deadly and it pisses me off.

Traveling anywhere has risks.  They are just not always what you think.  I suppose, if he wraps this thing around a diesel truck, you can put that on my headstone.


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