What’s In Dallas, Texas? Why Arlington, of Course!

Off to Dallas for the weekend.  Lilly attended the #WorldVentures International Annual Conference “United” at the AT&T Arena.  23,000 people are getting motivated in a big way.

Me, I’m off to explore the City of Arlington, a suburb of Dallas.  The first thing I noticed is the many areas of lush green trees, I expected a dryer landscape (yes, I need to get out more),    The second thing, Traffic!  I like people who drive like they have a purpose in life.  Dallas drivers have taken this to a whole new level.  These guys are serious and have two speeds; Stopped (for a traffic light) or 150 miles per hour.  You better be on your “A-Game” or don’t even attempt  it.  Construction is everywhere and slow or confused drivers are tempting fate in a big way.

The AT&T Arena (home of the Dallas Cowboys) is perfectly located near Six Flags over Texas, the Globe Life Park (home of the Texas Rangers) and The International Bowling Campus.  I have absolutely no idea what a Bowling Campus is or does, but it did peak my curiosity, so I had to take a picture.  There is also a BMW Dealership in Arlington (my personal Kriptonite).  They were way too wonderful (Vanessa Rogers) and I shouldn’t have been allowed to go near the place without some form of adult supervision (Lilly), but she was busy and that was that.  I recommend them highly.   bmwofarlington.com

Hotels are abundant and your Points can go far here.  Eating is easy and all the chains seem to be present.  Parking is challenging near any event venue so plan ahead and be early for everything.  If you are a sports fan, you will love it here.

Great weekend in this little corner of Dallas, Texas and we’ll be back soon.

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