MCI, Delta, Enterprise and Me, A Review

Off to California we go!  Flying from the dreaded Kansas City Airport (MCI) to Los Angeles (Lax).

MCI, as I’ve mentioned before, makes me crazy.  It doesn’t belong in a large city, it belongs somewhere else, like Bulgaria or Siberia.  The design is horrible and inefficient. However, from the shuttle bus, through security and to the gate staff, they were magnificent.  Their level of friendliness and efficiency make the airport bearable and our first choice for a hub to the world (that was painful to say).

I have a love/hate thing with Delta.  My experience is usually either good or somewhat bad.   Moving millions of people, luggage and cargo can’t be easy so I’ll cut them some slack.   United, however, consistently loses our luggage which Delta doesn’t seem to do, so Delta get’s one in the win column here.

Thru American Express Business Platinum, I was able to book two round-trip first-class seats from MCI to LAX on Delta for $796.40, using 79,640 Membership Rewards Points.  Using my Business Platinum, Amex gave me BACK 39,820 of those points.  That gives me about .02 cents in value.  That is a huge bargain, especially for a first class flight.  Delta didn’t lose our luggage and were friendly and on-time.  I am a happy guy.

Next to Enterprise Car Rentals on Bellanca Ave in Los Angeles.  I reserved a large car for 7 days for $230.00 using 15,000 Chase Sapphire Points.  This is an “Meh” value (.015) as I usually like to get closer to .021 on Sapphire Points, but whatever.

This location provided the most friendly, efficient and fastest Car Rental experience I have EVER had.  It was incredible.   We were greeted by the desk, wished an early happy birthday and out the door to pick a car in less than 4 minutes.  The gentleman outside, had us in a car in less than 3 minutes and we were out the gate.  Wow!  I usually enter  with a bad attitude expecting delays and problems only to be in awe at their efficiency and politeness.  I actually felt bad for being “me” and judging so quickly.

Now we are off for a 3 hour, 60 mile drive through LA traffic, at 5:30pm on a Wednesday.  For THAT part of the plan, I should be beaten.  But everybody else did their part and did it extremely well.  MCI, Delta and Enterprise Car Rental get Gold Stars for their performance today.  The writer, however, needs to time things better.  Driving the 405/101 freeways in LA at 5:30 pm, Really?!

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