Theft and Travel, Two Examples

We are constantly reminded to “Watch for Pickpockets and Thieves”, but do we really hear it anymore?  Here are two examples to help refresh your memory.

In Prague, Czech Republic, the streets near the Old Town Square have glass drain-type covers in the sidewalks, which appear to be quite popular with pickpockets.  I photographed through one.   Amazing! And a real tourist buzzkill.img_8320.png

We were in New York City on New Years Eve at Times Square.  Crowds everywhere.  We were wearing coats and after clawing our way through a large group,  Lilly pulled a handful of SOMEONE ELSE’s credit cards from her coat pocket! Now these guys (pickpockets) have madd Skills!  Never felt a thing.

We always carry the minimum of cards/ID and they are stuffed deep in our front pockets.  We’ve been fortunate but others sure haven’t.  I still can’t get over the NYC thieves, sadly impressive.


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