Cute Cat Video vs Travelinggump.Com

So about the cat video.  I’ve been told repeatedly that if you want more “traffic” on your site, add a cat or puppy video. My jaw hit the floor at the mere thought that this could have merit.  I take my website seriously (although I do occasionally go off the rails) and it frustrates me that anyone would prefer a pet video over…well…me.  It’s an ego thing, apparently.

Well, I had to know the answer and yes, I’m aware that I may have altered the end result with the way that I intro’d the video, blah, blah, blah.  Anyway, here are the twitter results…Cat Video on left, prior article on right, similar time frame.

Also, the Cat Video received a tepid response on Facebook but did above  average on Instagram.  My guess is that each venue has a somewhat different type of user which could account for the differences.   All said, my delicate ego remains ridiculously intact.

About Travelinggump

Avid World Traveler who uses Points and Miles to enhance the Travel Experience. If you want to learn how, follow my Blog for Tips, Reviews and Ideas to get started.

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