Going From A to B, The First Half of 2017; By the Numbers

IMG_9320.pngOur arrival home from Miami, Florida marked the conclusion of roughly the first half of 2017’s scheduled and unscheduled travel.  Thankfully, we have no trips planned for the next month (I’m exhausted).  Here are the numbers on how we got from A to B in the first half of 2017, focusing not on the where but on the how.  No wonder I’m tired!

  1.  16 trips ranging from 2 to 17 days
  2.   Stayed in 26 different Hotels
  3.   Stayed in 1 VRBO
  4.   Flew ~ 49,000 air miles
  5.   Drove ~ 6700 miles
  6.   Rented 7 vehicles
  7.   Used Uber 6 times
  8.   Used Lyft once
  9.   Took 4 Taxis
  10.   Rode in 3 Tuk Tuks
  11.   Traveled in 7 Buses
  12.   Used one Roller Coaster to get up to and down from the Great Wall of China.
  13.   Endured 22 different (a few more than once) Airports and their quirky security requirements.
  14.   Held Lilly’s hand for 62 Airplane take-offs and landings. (I’m terrified of take-offs, she of landings).
  15.   Visited 10 US States
  16.   Went to 5 Countries
  17.   Loved every bit of #’s 1 thru 16!

So there it is.  I can’t wait for the 2nd half of 2017, I just need to catch my breath first!

Happy Travels!

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