Mike Tyson and the Pink Thong person.

Two rules to live by while flying on a commercial aircraft: Don’t pester Mike Tyson and don’t air dry your thong underwear using the above your seat air conditioning system. Sounds reasonable right?

The first ended badly for the fellow who finally got Mr. Tyson’s attention. I loved his post-beating “derp” face.

But what became of the the thong dryer? I’m certain that the flight attendants were drawing straws; the loser stuck trying to explain the obvious to a passenger eager for their fifteen minutes of fame.

I wished that the lights would have suddenly switched off and that the surrounding passengers would have found a “creative” use for the thong and it’s obnoxious owner; problem sołved.

It’s unfortunate that what was once obvious as unacceptable misbehavior is now seen as social media opportunity.

Fortunately, Karma quickly loses patience with fools and occasionally turns her head, allowing the fed up a few, satisfying moments of free reign.

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