Do Americans Still Speak English?

Incoming Phone Call:  Hey, what’s up?

Caller:  Ugh!  I’m ditching work today, my heads in the clouds and I feel like crap, so I’m no good to anyone there.  Plus, outside it’s raining cats and dogs bigtime, the shits coming down in buckets.   It’s really starting to piss me off!

Me:  Wow, that sucks!

Caller:  I’ll call you later, hopefully this crap will pass quickly and I can get back on my game.

Me:  Keep me in the loop, I’ll catch you later, Bye.

Wow!  To most Americans, the above conversation made perfect sense.  To someone who is trying to learn our language, throw in the towel and go to the Pub.

I had the occasion to listen to a man from Great Britain talk about…whatever, he actually spoke English and it was Magical.  I’ve learned three things…

  1. You probably shouldn’t try and learn the language from an American.
  2. We speak in Metaphor, Idiom and Slang.
  3.  We seem to have an obsession with bodily discharges.

I actually started listening to how myself and others that I speak with talk, it’s “like” hilarious.  We can do better, just a little food for thought….

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