The Great Wall of China has a Roller Coaster, Seriously

Going to the Great Wall of China.  Comfortable shoes, cameras and transportation has been arranged, check, check and check.  This is a serious “bucket list” to-do.  We arrived near Badaling, full Game Face, let’s do this!

There is the Wall! Off the bus and up a long steep road to the wall, no… to a Roller Coaster.  I kid you not.  You get in a line and when your next, the staff ushers you into a single seat, go-cart looking

contraption and up the hill you go, click click click.  I was stunned.

At the top, you jump out (it doesn’t stop) and you are at the base of the Great Wall.  We explore the Wall and its time to leave.   Back down we go to the base and hop back on the Coaster.

Going down would literally send OSHA right “off the rails”.   Picture a dozen carts in a row, all crammed together and at the front an employee, in his cart, holding a long “arm” which I imagine is the brake.  And down the twisty curvy hill we go.  As he was pulling the arm, I remember thinking that I hope he wasn’t feeling suicidal today.

At the bottom you jump out and wander back down the hill…giggling.   So much for the solemnity of the Great Wall…and Roller Coaster.

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