Blood/Plasma Doner? Watch where you travel ­čî╝Retweets Appreciated

Giving blood and plasma can be one of the greatest gifts that you can give to a community or in a time of crisis.

Many Bloodbanks have strict rules on when you are allowed to donate if you have been to certain countries within a period of time.

Our Bloodbank in Missouri won’t let you donate for ONE full year if you’ve been to Cambodia, 30 days if you’ve been to China or Vietnam. ┬áThese are just a few examples.

My wife has a rare blood type that can be used on anyone.  She gave often and made a difference.   Now she is unable to donate for a year and the blood bank is having a fit.  Check with your local facility for their rules especially if you have a rare, high need blood type.  Donate before you go.


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