Red Earth Festival 2017, Oklahoma City

This year we travelled to OKC to attend the Red Earth Festival at the Cox Business Convention Center.  The Red Earth Festival is a Native American Indian Art Show and PowWow.   The Native American Artists’ presentations were absolutely amazing and I wish I could have included more pictures, but there were just too many talented artists present.  After walking the many rows, I narrowed it to three, whose ability and skills have left me literally in a state of awe.

  1.  Fortune Huntinghorse Jewelry & Art.  This Artist, from the Wichita Tribe of Oklahoma, uses Sterling Silver and 14k Gold/Sterling Silver to create these incredible pieces by hand.  Some pieces also contain natural Coral, precious stones and natural Turquoise.  It was easy to spot her booth by the constant line of people gathering to admire her work and her attention to detail.


  2.  Wildlife in Wood, Debbe Edwards  These pieces are all made of wood, individually hand carved and the colors you see, are from the wood and a wood burning technique that totally escapes me.  The pictures don’t even begin to do these works of art the justice they deserve.  The attention to detail is incredible and worth a visit to her website.


    3.  Silver Smithing Sculpture, Pottery & Painting    Gray Studio.    918-853-8238.  What made this unique?  It’s solid Bronze!  He is truly a Master of his craft.

    Here is a wonderful example of Native American Children keeping their vibrant Native American Indian Cultural dances alive.


    …and this is me blending in, feeling festive.  It’s a miracle anyone talked to me… 😉..  IMG_8477

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