Chris Kattan; SNL’s Gollum Comes to Springfield, Missouri

Chris Kattan is coming to Springfield?  Now that’s worth a trip!

Chris Kattan, an incredible acting talent, famous for his time with Saturday Night Live and movies like Night at the Roxbury and Undercover Brother, came to the Springfield Blue Room Comedy Club on Tuesday night.  I’ve included an SNL video clip at the bottom that is hilarious.

He has performed or at least hobnobbed with some of Hollywood’s most elite actors including Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallen, just to name a few.   This is a big deal

I just can’t seem to let go of the ‘Why” though… Springfield is a great place but not exactly a prime hotspot for his level of talent.  So as usual, I’m counting heads and doing the math and the only conclusion that I can come to is that he must have pissed off his manager and now it’s payback time.

As I was pondering that question, a guy seated at a table to my left apparently ran out of mustard.  He soon spotted a bottle on the table to my right and staggered over only to find that they weren’t willing to part with it..  So, he opens the bottle, fills his bare palm full with mustard and puts the bottle back down on the table.  Problem solved.  His table companions appeared quite pleased with his resourcefulness and each scooped off their share.  I hid our salt and pepper and became familiar with the locations of the exit doors.

The MC had to come up twice to explain the 20 minute delay in the start of the show.  I began to form this silly mental picture of Chris Kattan having to be dragged kicking and screaming back through the bathroom window by the staff, as he was attempting to flee the building, while cursing his manager for booking him here.

After a short parade of warm-up comedians (yawn), Chris appeared and quickly reminded us of why we were there; he is a great Comedian and fun to watch.

The Comedy show was good and afterwards, Chris gracefully posed for pictures but looked less than thrilled when two drunk women wouldn’t let go, demanding more selfies and holding up the line.  His expression of “please, just shoot me now” to the staff saved him and the line continued to flow.   I wished him the best and thanked him for coming here.   To me, his SNL Gollum is my favorite.  Enjoy!




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