Epic Fail at Kansas City International Airport….Again!

You think I would learn.  This Airport consistently ranks 3rd world in my book.  I feel bad for saying that as I don’t like insulting any place, especially a 3rd world country by comparing them to here.  My thoughts and complaints:

  1.  A strong sewer odor
  2.  Over crowded and lack of seating
  3. Carpets, walls, bathrooms and chairs are Filthy.
  4. Trash cans are overflowing
  5. If you need to eat, forget it
  6. A complete organizational nightmare
  7. Wow! Fly from ANYWHERE else!!

On a positive note, the staff is excellent.  They apologize….a lot



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  1. Jeff Norris | 13th Jul 17

    Apparently all the staff, with the exception of the cleaning personnel. LOL

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