Welcome to Vienna, Austria! Now let’s talk towing hitches …

I already have numerous intelligent articles to write about this trip to Austria, from the flight with AirBerlin (yay) to our Hotel at Le Meridian (ugh).

But I’m tired and feeling a bit silly from all the flights today so I’ll start with something that’s completely off topic;  Have you ever seen a European Trailer Hitch?  I’ve seen them here for years and I can’t stop grinning.

On the left is a standard, boring but highly efficient, US hitch and on the right, a common European hitch which seem to be attached to myriad of cars and varies in length, angle and well…size.  Oddly enough, it seems that the smallest cars have the largest hitches…This European hitch seems quite “proud” to be attached to it’s owner’s vehicle.

Yes, this is juvenile and a bit immature but I just can’t stand it any longer, they’re everywhere and, well…there it is.

I promise to write something useful tomorrow…:)

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