A Packer’s Whiny Lament

I’ve descended into suitcase hell.  We have traveled a lot this year, too much if you ask my Mother.  You would think, with all of the traveling we do, packing all our crap would be down to a “science” by now.  Nope, not even close.  It’s actually kind of embarrassing.  Lilly forgets everything, I pack for three.

We leave for Vienna and Salzburg, Austria soon.  This is a big trip so a large packing job would be in order.  (Where did I put that damn Klonopin?!) Truth is I just can’t do an overnight stay across town without some form of luggage and a list.

I have spent the last 6-ish hours packing a large suitcase, a medium carry-on and a backpack.  I have lists; put this into that, what if the sky falls etc…, things to do to the house before we leave.  I mean what if I forget to water a plant or leave the light on in the bathroom?  I have a list that covers that.  What if it’s cold, hot or I fall into a creek?  Better pack extra everything.IMG_8977

Well,  I think I’m actually done.  Problem is it’s 7:00pm and I have to sleep tonight, Ugh, did I pack the bathroom bag or the power thing-a-ma-bob?  Out of bed to check and make sure.  I still can’t find those rotten pills, I must have already packed them.  Where is “that” damn list!

I honestly don’t know how Santa did it with his “make a list and check it twice” crap!

I hate packing!  No one should have to do it sober.  Gawd, I may need an intervention…




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