At Least Buy me Dinner First…

Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, Really!? I’m amazed that you 1. Get away with charging drivers while having terrible roads, 2. Get away with your ridiculous toll system and 3. Screw so many drivers and they keep coming back for more.

My gripe: Missouri border to Yukon, Oklahoma;~200 miles.  Three Turnpikes and four Tollbooths.  $4.50, $4.50, $1.30 and $1.90 and we still have a lot of Oklahoma to go.

Seriously?… Ironically, the turnpikes are probably the worst roads you’ll experience from Missouri to the California coast.

By the way, the last two tolls were within about 15 miles of east other, on the same turnpike and both were supposed to be $1.30 each.  Why $1.90?


Here’s how it works; exact change only, toss coins in basket, an evil gremlin inside decides if you are worthy and if so, a green light signals that you may pass.  It took $1.90 to get a green light (the four axel price).  We are in a small car and I now hate gremlins even more.

If you’re driving through Oklahoma, make sure you bring a bucket of money, cause you will definitely need it.  Also, most booths are unstaffed and require “exact change only”.

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