Santa Fe Indian Market. The Best of the Best!

The 96th Santa Fe Indian Market has started.  Art enthusiasts have arrived from all over the world to seek out the best that these Masters have to present.   Santa Fe, New Mexico is the perfect venue due to it’s weather, location and the city’s ability to accommodate the masses.  Enjoy!


A Fantastic Contemporary Indian Dance from a member of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe of Redding, California.

A fine example of the paintings of Cherokee Artist, Traci Rabbit of Pryor, Oklahoma.

There were well over 200 booths each containing the very best examples of Native American Indian Artwork.

The pieces featured below represent examples from Artists who’s talent, in my opinion, is beyond normal human ability.  Amazing!

Jeff Roller.
Presley LaFountain.


Fortune Huntinghorse

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