What Matters To You?


What “Matters” to each of us is subjective, be it racism, child abuse or whatever.  Dr King’s thoughts on what “matters” hopefully provoke a reflective pause within each of us, where we think not only of racism but also of those who are suffering in silence by the actions or inactions of others.  This list, unfortunately, can be tragically long.  I’ll make entry #1 as it’s happening today and it pisses me off.  Please feel free to add your own #’s 2,3,4 etc…

  1.  Yulin, China.  Dog meat eating festival.  The dogs are tortured (skinned alive) and killed. 10-15k a festival.  I’m not a dog lover but this is crap.  I’ve learned what I can.  My part: make you aware and piss you off, check.  Your part: read, learn and get angry also, then tell others.



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