Finding Sunshine within the eye of Chaos

It was time to hit the pause button and catch my breath. In times of chaos, I crave the desert and the open seas; both of which, graciously, allow me to breathe and reset my inner “whatever.” My daughter and her husband have chosen to live in the desert, simply, peacefully; shunning the hectic world that surrounds them. I needed to see them, to see my grandson and to breathe in the healing air of the raw desert and smell its soothing earthy scent. Lao Tzu said “that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” and with that, I’m off.


The First Rule of Bears

Tomorrow we explore the wilds of Juneau, Alaska and I’m told there may be bears wandering around.


My twisted little mind drifts to the story I wrote for “A Year of the Sun Flower Muse” called “Travel Safety and the First Rule of Bears.” Here is the gist of the story:

1. If pursued by a bear, you need only remember to run faster than the slowest member of your group.

   2. If you are alone, haul-ass towards the group and see #1.

My immediate problem is this: It may be just Lilly and me and she’s in pretty good shape. I was busy trying to hunt up a couple of senior citizens to join us when, as luck would have it, Lilly wrenched her back in the ship’s gym and is now all gimped up. Three thoughts: 1. Gyms are vacation buzzkills and should all be burned to the ground, 2. I am definitely faster than she is now, and 3. When she wakes up and reads this, being chased by a bear may be the least of my worries. Happy Travels! 😊